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GPP believes in working with other groups toward our goal of strengthening the foundation and lines of communication in this industry.

Below you’ll find our Industry Partners for 2018-2019.  These organizations’ missions align with the GPP mission and relate to supporting an element of Georgia’s film, television and/or digital media industry.

The first step in building a relationship with GPP is to agree to become our partner. If you are interested in finding out more information, please email

FOR INDUSTRY PARTNERS ONLY – Per the terms of our partnership agreement, you can submit your event promotion request through this form. (Directions and Parameters included on the form.)

We also aim to help animators be able to connect with animators from other chapters no matter where they might decide they want to move to next.

Backstage Economic Alliance is a non-profit membership organization that provides financial education, resources and tool for those in the creative community.

Our purpose is to educate, support, and contribute to the utilization and inclusion of students, emerging filmmakers, and industry newcomers in the “big picture” of Georgia’s fast-growing film and digital entertainment community.

Offering businesses in Georgia’s fast-growing entertainment industry access to a collaborative, supportive infrastructure which stimulates the growth and success of creative ventures in film, television, music and digital entertainment.

As an affiliate of the state’s largest pro-business advocacy organization (The Georgia Chamber), the Georgia Screen Entertainment Coalition (GSEC) advocates for policies that strengthen infrastructure and support workforce development within the entertainment industry.

We screen full features, shorts, and documentaries, and offers workshops and symposiums that offer insight and analysis of industry trends in faith-based filmmaking and production.

Our mobile and year-round programs equip youth for jobs in digital media and film by cultivating a new generation of skilled storytellers.

Our purpose is to improve the status and portrayal of women in film, television, video and other screen-based media but offering opportunities for media makers to connect, create champion and inspire.